Sealing / Cleaning


Part of having an awesome patio involves diligent maintenance. Just like you must care for your house to maintain its appearance, you must tend to your patio to preserve its foundation. If you forget about sealing and let little cracks and vegetation take over, your patio will eventually succumb to water intrusion, heaving, and sinking of the foundation.

Not only will All Property Services build you a custom hardscape, but we will also help maintain it. We’ll make sure your home gives your guests the “Wow” factor! We offer professional cleaning and sealing of new or existing projects to keep your hardscape looking like new. Our team is highly experienced in repairing hardscape environments. It’s our mission to prevent irreversible patio damage.

Over time, hardscapes develop stains from oil, grease, tire tracks, mold and more. All Property Services specializes in cleaning and removing these stains to keep your patio looking like new. 

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