Porcelain Patio


Advantages of Permeable Patios

  • Less destruction on property during installation phase
  • The interlocking gator base panels transfer the load
  • Thermal barrier and advanced permeable design eliminates damage caused by harsh winters and thin freeze/thaw cycles
  • Reduce the chance of paver movement
  • Jobs are completed 30% faster than the traditional way
  • Gator base is made of durable engineered material it will last forever 
  • Edge restraints are fastened directly to the gator base, with gator screw this prevents lateral movement of the pavers 

Pros of Porcelain

  • Never needs to be sealed, sanded or weeded
  • Will not fade in any weather
  • Extremely resistant to stains & grease 
  • Rough texture for slip-resistant surface
  • Elegant and more options available 
  • More affordable than standard pavers
  • Resistant to even the worst weather!
  • Manufactured in the USA with Eco-Friendly process

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