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A new swimming pool is the perfect opportunity to transform your yard into the personalized outdoor retreat, party space, relaxing spa, and oasis you’ve always wanted. As All Property Services, we specialize in unique details crafted around you: lights built into your pool, fire features and LED lights for you to enjoy your time outdoors long into the evening.  Our team will construct an outdoor pool with the layout and functionalities you need to host great summer get-togethers and family events. We’ll help you bring the party to your backyard, so you get more quality time in the outdoors you love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

APS does the whole project in full, in-house. All Property Services is your one stop shop and why our customers love our services. 

Advantages of Permeable Patios

  • Less destruction on property during installation phase
  • The interlocking gator base panels transfer the load
  • Thermal barrier and advanced permeable design eliminates damage caused by harsh winters and thin freeze/thaw cycles
  • Reduce the chance of paver movement
  • Jobs are completed 30% faster than the traditional way
  • Gator base is made of durable engineered material it will last forever 
  • Edge restraints are fastened directly to the gator base, with gator screw this prevents lateral movement of the pavers 

Pros of Porcelain

  • Never needs to be sealed, sanded or weeded
  • Will not fade in any weather
  • Extremely resistant to stains & grease 
  • Rough texture for slip-resistant surface
  • Elegant and more options available 
  • More affordable than standard pavers
  • Resistant to even the worst weather!
  • Manufactured in the USA with Eco-Friendly process

An in-ground pool from APS ranges from $75-115,000 all in. This ballpark is factoring in important things like a pool deck, fence, etc.

APS Offers Financing through HFS Financial! Check out these links for more information:


HFS Financial 

Lyon Financial 

Request a Free Quote or Call/Text Us Now (630) 423-7474


Request a Free Quote or Call/Text Us Now (630) 423-7474

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