Pergolas are the perfect solution to extending your outdoor living space. Not only do they create shade on a sunny day, but they also provide a protective covering for your outdoor table, furniture, swing, or hot tub. Pergolas are highly customizable; they can either be free-standing constructions or lead-ins to existing structures in your backyard, such as gazebos and verandas. They are also customizable in terms of building materials. From metal to cedar and vinyl, All Property Services has a variety of materials for you to choose from to match any backyard design.

If you’re a big entertainer, your friends and family will love your parties even more when they get to socialize under your beautiful pergola. Pergolas give you the creative freedom to decorate however you please, adding strands of lights, speakers, drapes and more; the design possibilities are endless! Adorned with screens or drapery, your new pergola will give you the backyard privacy you need to party like its 1999.

Choose All Property Services for a custom-designed pergola, guaranteed to add charm and character to your outdoor living space. Our team is passionate about bringing your creative vision to life. We have the experience and the talent to make your outdoor living space the ultimate venue for entertaining and relaxation.

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